The Charity is happy to accept sponsorship and a few suggested methods are shown below.

We are more than happy to credit sponsors for their contribution.

We have included some sponsors who have provided us with free services at the foot of this page.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, then please get in touch with us.

Arts Bursaries

Alderbrook school has a long history of being an Arts School and has a continuing relationship with the Solihull Society of Arts.

The sixth form is a recent addition to the school, which we wish to support.

Our thinking is to encourage both sixth form attendance and ongoing participation in the arts, by offering financial support to students who go on to higher education in the arts.

This bursary could be paid out annually or termly.

Awards would be made subject to conditions such as good attendance at sixth form, the study of arts related subjects, participation in arts related activities and continuing with an arts course in higher education.

We are happy to consider other subjects / areas of study, but we think the Arts would be a good starting point.

Display of Artwork

Prize Evenings

The school holds prize evenings as part of the ethos of positive encouragement for improving educational achievement and behaviour.

The Marjorie Willis Charity aims to contribute to the cost of hosting these evenings and the prizes for the school.

Most prizes awarded are in the format of a trophy, (on loan for a year), with a small trophy to keep and a voucher.

We are looking for more local businesses, organisations and individuals to sponsor prizes and costs of the evening – food, programs etc.

This is a simple way to associate your brand with success and achievement.

The award can have the sponsors name or Logo engraved and it will be listed in the program.
For example:  “The Rolex award for punctuality”.

Smiling girl holding trophy.

Existing Sponsors

  • 34SP.com Logo


    Provide our website hosting and email service.

  • FreeAgent Small Business Online Accounting


    Provides Accounting Software - Free as we use a supported bank account.

  • htdl.co.uk Logo


    Designed our Logo, Letterhead and Brand Graphics

  • Total-Giving-Logo


    Provides the NowDonate platform. This enables us to securely collect donations, claim Gift Aid and maintain supporter records.

  • VoiceHost Logo


    Provide us with our Phone & Fax number.

  • Box.com Logo


    Provide online document storage, enabling us to keep the charities records securely.

  • Canva.com logo


    Provide an online graphics design platform, which enables us to create publicity materials.

  • Wonderful.org logo


    Provide an online donation platform, which enables our supporters to create events.