About Marjorie Willis

Alderbrook is an 11-18, mixed comprehensive school serving the area of south Solihull.
It was formed in 1974 from an amalgamation of Harold Malley Boys’ and Harold Cartwright Girls’ Grammar Schools.

We believe that Marjorie Willis was the head teacher of Harold Cartwright Girls’ Grammar School.

The charitable Trust was set up in 1974 in her name by friends of Harold Cartwright Girls’ Grammar School with the aim of supporting the education of pupils at the school.

The Trust Deed states the trustees can award the funds for any appropriate educational purpose.
In practice this is used for expenditure that is not provided through normal educational funding.

In the past the charity has paid for minibuses, water fountains and support for individuals to take part in activities.

The charity registration number is 632309
(The registration can be found here).

We have very little information about Marjorie Willis.

The files inherited by the current trustees have very little historical information.

If you know anything about Marjorie or perhaps have a photo with her in it, then please get in touch.