About Marjorie Willis

Alderbrook is an 11-18, mixed comprehensive school serving the area of south Solihull.
It was formed in 1974 from an amalgamation of Harold Malley Boys’ and Harold Cartwright Girls’ Grammar Schools.

Miss Marjorie Willis was the head teacher of Harold Cartwright Girls’ Grammar School.
When the change to comprehensive schools happened five existing head teachers, including Marjorie, were no longer required. 

The charitable Trust was set up in 1974 in her name by friends of Harold Cartwright Girls’ Grammar School with the aim of supporting the education of pupils at the school.

The Trust Deed states the trustees can award the funds for any appropriate educational purpose.
In practice this is used for expenditure that is not provided through normal educational funding.

In the past the charity has paid for minibuses, water fountains and support for individuals to take part in activities.

The charity registration number is 532309
(The registration can be found here).

Old newspaper PhotoWe have very little information about Marjorie Willis.  

The files inherited by the current trustees have very little information, all we have is from some old newspaper clips.

(The photo at the right is from a newspaper clipping in 1967 and is not very clear).

If you have any information about Marjorie or a clearer photo with her in it, then please get in touch.


Marjorie Willis Wrote a Book

This appears to have been written after her time as Headmistress.

There were 4 print runs and copies exist in libraries around the world.

The following are excerpts from a book review:

  • School teachers are frequently confronted by a child who is unwell, either with an acute illness or from an accident, and many have in their class a child with a chronic disability. What do they do?
    Here is a book to which they can refer in all such cases and which has been written specifically with their needs in mind.
  • Succeeding chapters describe the ordinary medical problems of childhood; how these can affect the child at school; what the teacher needs to know, and what the teacher should do if anything goes wrong.
  • Not forgotten are the difficulties encountered with children who smoke, drink or take drugs.
  • This is a book which school doctors can recommend to their teacher colleagues...
old cover