Welcome to Alderbrook School

The school budget is fully committed to teaching the curriculum, maintaining the buildings and the essentials.  There are other items that the school would like to provide but does not have the funds for - things that improve school life and the learning experience of Alderbrook students.

Items that Marjorie Willis aims to provide include:

  • Prizes, braids, badges etc.
    (This supports the schools approach to encourage behaviours for learning and academic achievement using positive incentives).
  • The provision of lockers and padlocks for all year groups.
  • Grants for projects and to assist individuals

We would like to encourage new parents to make a voluntary donation towards these items.

How to Donate to Marjorie Willis Educational Foundation

To Arrange your Regular or one-off Donation ...

Payments By Cheque (or Direct Debit)

Please print and complete the PDF form and send it to the school office.
You can either fill in the Direct Debit Information or enclose a
 cheque payable to Marjorie Willis Charity.


If you are a tax payer, then please consider ticking the Gift Aid box on the form.  This will enable us to claim back the tax paid on your gift, increasing its value by 25%.