Stage Production Equipment

A Grant from Marjorie Willis Educational Foundation paid for our recent lighting desk upgrade.

This has brought the desk right up to date with current theatre lighting control surfaces.

We were still saving shows onto Floppy disks before the upgrade, so you can imagine the leap we’ve made.

The pictures here also show how much it has enhanced our programming with generic and intelligent fixtures from the recent ‘School of Rock’ production.

It will also enrich our department for years to come and provide up to date training for potential students who wish to pursue this passion.

Two former pupils explain the importance of this:

“From my experience in the industry and working in many venues such as the Hippodrome in Birmingham and the Empire Theatre in Liverpool working with advanced technology at an early stage in my career has been a huge help in getting me to where I am today.
Alderbrook was a great learning platform for me & taught me a range of important things that have helped me to get where I am today. Learning with new technology and high end gear at this early stage plays a big part in establishing a place in this industry and i cannot express how important it is.” Tom Fuller ‐ Sound & Lighting Technician.


“After deciding to do the production pathway within A‐level Drama, I have experienced and gained knowledge of the modern techniques and disciplines required within the production entertainment industry. Using this equipment has allowed me to produce designs that exceed what is expected at A‐Level and beyond. It has also allowed me to gain a place at university and a job interview for a local theatre, as a lighting technician. Furthermore, I have gained experience on equipment that is listed as desirable in the job description/criteria.” Joshua Lewis‐Handley, Year 13 Deputy Head Boy (2017‐18)

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