The Charity makes grants to the school and to individuals.

Special Notice for Staff

As this is the first time using this process, here is a summary of the steps you need to take:

  • Discuss with colleagues and students
  • Decide what you are going to apply for
  • Get quotes or estimates
  • Discuss with your Head of Department  (Depending on cost we may only support one application)
  • Complete the form below, before the end of January, remembering to email any supporting information, including quotes and letter from your head of department.

Next steps

  • We will acknowledge your application.
  • The trustees will meet and discuss the applications.
  • If needed we will discuss with the senior leadership team.
  • If we have competing bids, we may set up a vote via this website.
  • We will announce successful applications and arrange the funding.
  • You will then need to provide us with photos / articles / video to help us promote the charity.

We require that each application has the support of the school.  This means we expect that you will ask a member of staff to provide a short statement supporting your application. (Or another colleague in the case of staff applications).
The decision to award a grant will be made by the trustees, their decision is final.
A decision may need to wait until a scheduled scheduled trustees meeting.

All grants will be subject to available funds and school priorities.

Additional supporting information should be emailed to

The Form below can be used to submit an application.

Guidance on Grants 

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Small or Personal grants up to £200

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Small / Personal Grants are for individuals who need additional support to meet an educational aim that is not available from normal educational funding.
This could include:

  • Contribution towards the expenses to attend an event or activity.
  • Provision of equipment or resources.

These are typically for amounts of up to £200

Historically these have been used to pay for sporting equipment, overnight accommodation, entry fees.

Medium or Department Grants up to £1000

  Smiling girl holding trophy.This could be for specific equipment or other resources that enhance the learning experience and achievements of Students.

Examples could include:

  • Funding for visits
  • Purchase of equipment

Historical examples of previous grants have included affiliation fees, so teams could take part in sporting events, team clothing, supporting an overseas expedition and presentation evening prizes.

Large or School Wide Grants over £1000

These are grants to benefit the whole school community.Lockers

As this is for larger amounts, the trustees would expect to see a presentation that clearly shows how the grant would support and enhance the education of a significant number of students.

Historically this kind of grant has paid for Water Fountains, Lockers and padlocks, Music practice room, Musical Instruments and Mini busses.

Application Form

Don't forget to email supporting information to