Direct Debits

There are several advantages in choosing to donate by Direct Debit.

All payments have a fee deducted by the payment service provider*.
With a £5 donation paid by card we lose 27p in fees.
With a £5 Direct Debit we lose just 5p, so more of your money goes to the charity.

It is easy to set up a Direct Debit, your bank sort code and account number are usually printed on your debit card.
(We are happy to do this for you, you can print this form and send it in to the school office).

Payments are covered by the direct debit guarantee scheme, you can set the day of the month and cancel or amend any time.


Why not make your donation go further and opt for Direct Debit.


*We use TotalGiving to collect donations on-line because they do not charge any fees.
(Some well known charity donation schemes charge an additional 5% and a monthly fee).