Arts Bursaries

We are considering if in future we could offer bursaries to our arts 6th form students to continue their education at university. 

This is at a very early discussion stage...

Alderbrook school has a long history of being an Arts School and has a continuing relationship with the Solihull Society of Arts.

The sixth form is a recent addition to the school, which we wish to support.

Our thinking is to encourage both sixth form attendance and ongoing participation in the arts, by offering financial support to students who go on to higher education in the arts.

This could be paid out annually or termly.

Strings Attached

Awards would be made subject to conditions such as good attendance at sixth form, the study of arts related subjects, participation in arts related activities and continuing with an arts course in higher education.

We are happy to consider other subjects / areas of study, but we think the Arts would be a good starting point.


In order to offer bursaries, we would need to sign up sponsors who wish to support the arts.

This can be individuals making regular donations or local businesses and organisations.

These donations would be allocated to a dedicated bursary fund.

We could also have named bursaries in recognition of the donors intent or interests.

Next Steps

This is very much at the concept stage and we are sharing it here so you can get a sense of our aspirations.

If you have any suggestions or would like to become a sponsor, then do get in touch.

Once we have enough financial support in place, we will plan a launch event.