Direct Debits

There are several advantages in choosing to donate by Direct Debit. All payments have a fee deducted by the payment service provider*. With a £5 donation paid by card we lose 27p in fees. With a £5 Direct Debit we lose just 5p, so more of your money goes to the charity. It is easy to… Continue reading


Grant Awards Announced


The trustees are pleased to announce that grants have now been awarded. Those who were successful and those who were not have been notified. Continue reading


First Round of Grant applications has closed.

Pencil on notebook.

As part of re-launching the Marjorie Willis Charity, we invited staff to submit funding applications. We have received 20 applications. The trustees will now discuss the applications and make some decisions. Note that for some we may need to request further information. We will also be considering launching an appeal to cover some of the… Continue reading


Special Notice for Staff

You have until the 30th of January to apply for a grant. As this is the first time using this process, here is a summary of the steps you need to take... Continue reading